Cargo Leasing Solutions

Planes typically transport much more than passengers. Depending on the route, planes may carry a significant number of parcels, shipments, and personal luggage in their cargo holds. Quickly loading and unloading these items requires some serious muscle, which is why airports and airlines typically have aircraft container pallet loaders or K Loaders in their fleets.

Cargo Loaders do the heavy lifting involved in getting cargo in and out of a plane. Without a K Loader, it would be impossible to achieve the kind of efficiency that carriers and facilities require.

That is why so many turn to Xcēd to provide them with K loaders and many other types of ground support equipment (GSE). We can provide your operation with airplane cargo loaders on flexible terms as well as the option to rent, lease or purchase them. This gives you the opportunity to scale up or down in response to demand without many of the risks that come sourcing GSE.

How Cargo Loaders Work

Many of the items carried inside a plane’s cargo hold are packed into containers or onto pallets. Because the doors of the hold are elevated off the tarmac, anything loaded in or out of them has to be raised or lowered. Airport loaders provide the means to do that. Cargo is rolled onto a dolly at a loading dock then then they driven by tow tractors to K loader. The platform is then raised, using a scissor-lift mechanism so the cargo can be wheeled into the aircraft. The process is reversed when unloading.

Without a sufficient number of airport cargo loaders, delays can pile up as planes wait to be loaded or unloaded. This means it is extremely important to have enough loaders ready to be deployed at all times in order to avoid backups.

We offer cargo leasing solutions for your fleet. If you are interested in leasing, renting, or purchasing a cargo loader right now you can view our current inventory below.

Why Work with Xcēd?

We are entirely focused on providing our clients with GSE. This stands in stark contrast to many of our competitors, for whom this equipment is only a small part of their offerings. Because of our focus, we can be your complete resource for cargo leasing solutions including aircraft K loaders and any other ground support equipment (GSE) you require to service your fleets and passengers. Our in-house expertise enables us to deliver the precise models that fit your needs. And our technicians can answer any questions you might have about their use.

When you choose Xcēd to supply your GSE, you also gain a partner who will be responsive to your company’s needs. You’ll have the ability to scale up or down at a moment’s notice, with reasonable terms and exceptional responsiveness from our team. To learn more about why it makes sense to work with the industry leader, reach out to us today.

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