October 2015—Xcēd  has launched a Cargo Loader Trade-In program to help customers affordably obtain new cargo loader equipment for their fleet. The program is the first of its kind in the industry and was designed in direct response to the customer’s wish for a more flexible, equipment lifecycle management solution.


“When I asked clients what keeps them up at night, one of the major concerns they expressed was their aging cargo loader equipment and the financial burden of replacing it with new,” said William Long, President of Xcēd Aviation. “Our program helps them affordably replace their old equipment, and experience the value in our asset management service.”

Under the trade-in program, Xcēd provides a value to customers wishing to replace their aging cargo loaders. The trade-in reduces the customer’s capital cost of leasing a new loader through Xcēd. The solution offsets the rising maintenance costs associated with old units, and eliminates the need to store, recycle, or dispose of inactive, underutilized old cargo loaders. Newer, higher efficiency equipment can also operate at full capacity for longer, reducing maintenance downtime and service interruptions.

“One of our customers, a leading global ground handling provider, found he needed two units to do the work of one because one of his older pieces was always down for maintenance,” said Long. “Under the new program, he cut his equipment inventory by half, without sacrificing efficiency.”

The Cargo Loader Trade-In Program is one of many innovative programs currently under development at Xcēd Aviation. Xcēd brings a wide range of customer-focused services including asset management, leasing, financing, trade-in of used ground support equipment, buy/sell services, and refurbishment services to the GSE industry.

About Xcēd Aviation Services and Sasser Family Holdings, Inc.:

Xcēd Aviation Services was launched in 2014 as an aviation ground support equipment finance and asset management subsidiary of Sasser Family Holdings, Inc. Sasser Family Holdings is a 4th generation, family-held transportation asset services and management company with roots dating back to 1928. Other subsidiary business units include Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co., Union Leasing Inc., CF Rail Services LLC, CF Asia Pacific Group PTY Ltd, and NxGen Rail Services LLC. The subsidiary units are leaders in providing commercial and industrial-focused rail and vehicle transportation equipment solutions including asset leasing, fleet administration management, asset repair and maintenance, and innovative technology services throughout North America, and Australia. For information on Xcēd Aviation, contact 844-213-9233 or For information on Sasser Family Holdings, visit www.sfhsinc.