Aircraft Belt Loaders

Planes typically transport much more than passengers. No matter what the route, if it is a passenger plane it is going to be hauling luggage, the best, most efficient way to load luggage onto an airplane is to use an aircraft belt loader.

An aircraft belt loader does the heavy lifting involved in getting your luggage on and off of a plane. Without it, it would be virtually impossible to achieve the kind of efficiency that carriers and facilities require. That is why so many ground support equipment (GSE) operators turn to Xcēd to provide them with belt loaders and many other types of GSE. We can provide your operation with aircraft belt loaders on flexible terms as well as the option to rent, lease, or purchase them. This gives you the opportunity to scale up or down in response to demand without many of the risks that come sourcing GSE.

How Belt loaders Work

After you drop your luggage off at your air carrier’s check-in counter your luggage goes for a ride on a conveyor belt to the bag room–where it eventually gets picked up and placed onto a baggage cart that is towed by a baggage tractor. After it makes the trip to the airplane it still needs to physically be loaded into the belly of the plane. How does that happen? With a mobile conveyor belt that we in the industry call an aircraft belt loader.

Belt loaders have a boom that lifts and raises to reach the cargo door of the airplane. Once the belt loader is in position, the ground crew will place your luggage on the conveyor belt and the bags will make their way to the door where they will then be thrown into the cargo hold. Belt loaders are play a crucial part in your plane taking off on-time. If the belt loader isn’t there or isn’t working your bags won’t be there when you land, and nobody wants that headache.

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Why Work with Xcēd

Xcēd is a ground support equipment company that has GSE inventory. We have a fleet of new and well maintained, low-hour equipment that cannot be matched in the GSE industry. We offer short term rentals as well as lease terms that extend up to 6 years.

Along with our inventory, we also have experienced personnel that have a wealth of knowledge about GSE and are always here to help. For a no obligation quote, click the contact us button at the right of your screen.

TUG 660 Belt Loader


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