Aircraft Belt Loaders

Planes serve as more than just transportation for passengers; they also carry significant luggage. An aircraft belt loader is an indispensable tool for efficient and seamless luggage handling.

An aircraft belt loader simplifies loading and unloading luggage onto and off planes, ensuring optimal efficiency for carriers and ground support operations. Recognizing the importance of these machines, many ground support equipment (GSE) operators rely on Xcēd to supply them with high-quality belt loaders and other essential GSE.

At Xcēd, we offer a variety of flexible solutions to meet your operational needs. For example, our aircraft belt loaders are available for rent, lease, or purchase, allowing you to adapt to fluctuating demands without the risks typically associated with sourcing GSE—Trust Xcēd to provide the best belt loaders and ground support equipment tailored to your unique requirements.

Efficient luggage handling is essential for smooth airport operations and passenger satisfaction. Aircraft belt loaders play a crucial role in this process by facilitating the quick and effortless transfer of baggage between the ground and the airplane’s cargo hold. As a leading provider of ground support equipment, Xcēd offers a wide range of high-quality belt loaders designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s aviation industry. In addition, our belt loaders are compatible with various aircraft models, ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

How Belt loaders Work

Once you’ve checked in your luggage at the airline counter, it embarks on a journey before being loaded onto the plane. First, your luggage travels on a conveyor belt to the bag room, where it’s collected and placed onto a baggage cart. A baggage tractor then tows the cart to the aircraft, but the task of loading the luggage into the plane’s cargo hold is carried out by an essential piece of equipment known as an aircraft belt loader.

Aircraft belt loaders feature a boom that lifts and adjusts its height to align with the cargo door of the airplane. After positioning the belt loader, ground crew members place the luggage onto the conveyor belt, which transports the bags to the cargo door. From there, the bags are manually placed into the cargo hold. Belt loaders play a vital role in ensuring your plane departs on schedule. A missing or malfunctioning belt loader can result in delayed luggage, leading to inconvenience and frustration for passengers.

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Xcēd is a ground support equipment company that has GSE inventory. We have a fleet of new and well maintained, low-hour equipment that cannot be matched in the GSE industry. We offer short term rentals as well as lease terms that extend up to 6 years.

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