Airport Dolly

It may not be the most sophisticated piece of ground support equipment (GSE), but the simple airport dolly is undoubtedly one of the most essential. An aircraft tow dolly is responsible for hauling luggage and other essential items from Point A to Point B, carrying thousands of pounds every day. It is just one of the many indispensable products Xcēd provides to airlines, ground handlers, airports and fixed-base operators. When you need to add an aircraft wheel dolly to your fleet, we can offer you flexible terms as well as the option to rent, lease or purchase. With our help, you can scale your operations to fit the level of demand without the risk of over committing.

How Dollies Fit Into Airport Operations

Boiled down to their essence, dollies are simply wheeled platforms used to carry heavy objects from place to place. As such, they serve a number of important functions on the tarmac. For example, some varieties of airplane dolly are used exclusively for carrying bags and other cargo to and from the plane. These typically are enclosed to protect passengers’ belongings from rain and snow. A unit load pallet dolly for airports serves as a mobile base that remains with the freight for easier loading and unloading from the plane. Other types of aircraft dolly are used specifically for transporting components or large-scale equipment around for maintenance purposes.

Given how vital dollies are to everyday operation, it’s crucial that operators maintain a healthy and well-kept stock at all times. Ensuring that they will be available whenever they are needed creates greater efficiency and a more effective facility overall.

If you are in the market for an dolly you can view our current inventory below.

Why Work with Xcēd?

At Xcēd, we’re completely focused on GSE, unlike many of our competitors. This means we can be your complete resource for dollies and any other products you require to service fleets and passengers. We have extensive in-house expertise to help match you with the precise models you need. In addition, our technicians have all the know-how necessary to answer any and all questions. When you work with us, you get more than the right equipment — you gain a partner that can help you every step of the way.

We also offer an exceptional level of flexibility to gear up at a moment’s notice. Whether you choose to purchase, lease or rent from us, you can expect reasonable terms and top-flight responsiveness. We can meet your needs without many of the hassles that come with sourcing GSE.

When you’re ready to exceed your organization’s GSE requirements and work with an industry leader, get in touch with us. Our representatives will be more than willing to talk you through the process and find the right products for you.

Airport Dolly


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