Ground Power Unit

They may not be as large or imposing as other types of ground support equipment (GSE), but most airlines and airports couldn’t operate without aviation ground power unit (GPU). They serve a vital purpose to protect the sensitive electronics of aircraft during maintenance and service. Without a ground power unit, there’s a chance avionics and other crucial aircraft systems could be damaged by power fluctuations while on the ground.

The vital role these devices play in aviation industry operations is why Xcēd provides such a wide assortment of new and refurbished GPU. We can provide your facility and team with a ground power unit for aircraft that meets your needs. With the option to rent, purchase or lease this equipment, we also make it easy for you to scale your inventory up or down depending on your current demand level. This allows you to source ground power unit without many of the risks or difficulties that normally come with acquiring such equipment.

How Aircraft Ground Power Units Work

Planes often need to be powered while they are on the ground. Whether to keep lights on during pre- or post-flight housekeeping or maintenance sessions, using the aircraft’s internal power supply may not be the best choice. This is because the plane’s onboard power supply may be inefficient and generate an excessive amount of emissions. It also may not provide an adequate level of consistency in the voltage — which could potentially damage the aircraft’s extremely sensitive electronic components.

This is why a GPU for aircraft performs such an essential job for crews and technicians. The units can dependably deliver clean, consistent external energy to keep the plane powered. This not only protects onboard instruments and reduces emissions, but also ensures that planes don’t need to be recharged before they are returned to service.

If you are in the market for an aircraft ground power unit (GPU) you can view our current inventory below.

Why Source a GPU From Xcēd?

Unlike many of our competitors, we focus entirely on GSE. This means we can be your complete resource for GPUs for aviation or any other equipment in this category. Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to provide the precise solutions for your needs. No matter what questions you may have about ground power units and other essential GSE machinery, we can answer them. We do more than supply you with equipment — we partner with you to help serve your customers and passengers. We also provide you with the flexibility you need to scale up or down in response to the demands of the moment.

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