Aircraft Deicers

Aircraft deicers among the most essential items found at northerly airports. These extremely valuable pieces of ground support equipment (GSE) dispense deicing fluid used to prevent the buildup of ice on planes and pavement. This is crucial because ice that accumulates on the wings or fuselage can add excess weight to the plane and have a significant impact on lift and drag. This can severely reduce fuel efficiency as well as create dangerously unsafe flying conditions. Fortunately, Xcēd has a wide selection of deicers for airports as well as airport runway snow removal equipment to ensure that aircraft have a safe surface for takeoffs and landings. Whether you choose to lease or purchase this equipment from us, you can count on receiving the highest quality and the best value for your money.

How Deicing Planes and Runways Works

Generally, keeping planes and runways free from ice involves spraying them with chemical solutions. Unlike highways, which can be treated with chloride salts, airports need to be kept free from salt because of the corrosive effect it can have on aircraft components. This means aircraft deicing companies utilize solutions containing glycol. Some are mixed with water and sprayed onto the surface of the plane or runway to melt away any ice or snow that may be clinging to it. In colder conditions, this is followed by an application of anti-icing fluid to the plane. This coating is more viscous so it can stick to the exterior to prevent more ice from forming during flight.

The equipment used to apply these fluids takes a few forms. Portable sprayers that can be worn like backpacks enable crew members to walk around the aircraft and tackle hard-to-reach areas. Mobile pumps can apply large quantities of fluids to large areas. For runways, trucks equipped with large tanks and sprayer units can dispense an even coating over the entire length of the tarmac in a relatively short amount of time. Airport snow removal typically is handled with plows and trucks. Having reliable units is crucial for preventing delays and keeping air traffic flowing smoothly.

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We have a comprehensive selection of airport runway deicers and other related equipment available for rent, lease or purchase. In addition to our exhaustive inventory, we also offer you detailed information from our team of in-house experts. Our technicians and other professionals know more about these machines than almost anyone in the industry and can answer any questions you may have about them or how they work. We stand apart because we deal exclusively in GSE, which means we’re entirely focused on serving your needs.

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