Xcēd's GSE inventory

Do you need access to a large inventory of high quality new and refurbished GSE and the industry’s most flexible lease and rental options?

Our Indianapolis facility is located just minutes from the Indianapolis International Airport and only a few hours away from our Chicagoland-based headquarters. Situated in the heart of the Midwest, its location is extremely convenient for many of our customers.


We have a modern, 5,200 square-foot facility with an additional 3.2 acres of usable outdoor space for our large ground support equipment inventory. Indianapolis is home to Xcēd’s four certified GSE technicians who have the tools, know-how, and experience to repair and refurbish almost any piece of ground support equipment or provide remote technical assistance.

We pride ourselves on having a large inventory, which is just one of the many reasons that more and more customers turn to us to meet their GSE needs. We keep air starts, air conditioners, baggage tractors, belt loaders, cargo loaders, deicers, GPUs, heaters, push backs, and other GSE in stock. Looking for something else? Contact us right now so that we can help you find it quickly.

Our process is simple and efficient. We purchase equipment directly from the major GSE manufacturers and send most of it to our Indianapolis shop for inspection by a certified GSE mechanic. After passing inspection the units are placed into our inventory and are ready to be leased or rented by airlines, cargo handlers, FBOs, or ground handlers.


After a unit’s lease or rental is up, it’s returned to our Indianapolis facility where it will again be rigorously inspected. Afterward, we make all necessary repairs and perform a full preventative maintenance schedule so that it will be ready to sell or lease when a customer needs it.

Our units are available on a first-come, first-served basis and inventory moves fast, so if you are interested in learning about the types of leases or rentals that we offer, call us today to begin experiencing the Xcēd way of doing business.