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Should you buy new or used?

The advantages of new GSE is that it comes with a warranty from the manufacturer and the unit generally doesn't require much initial maintenance. When you buy, rent, or lease new GSE from Xcēd you will also receive the manufacturer’s warranty. That is why so many customers choose to lease new GSE from Xcēd. The disadvantage of new GSE is that there generally is a long lead time. We have seen lead times as long as 6-9 months on new equipment. In some cases, your operation just can't wait that long for a vital piece of ground support equipment. That is where is Xcēd comes in; we have inventory of new GSE at our facility in Indianapolis. The other advantage of leasing or renting a new piece of GSE from us is that we have already looked over the unit and make sure that it is running properly before the GSE shows up at your location. The advantage of used equipment is usually price. Used ground support equipment is in general much less than brand new equipment from a GSE manufacturer. The disadvantages are high hours, issues, and whether the engine of the unit meets the EPA standards. The majority of Xcēd's used GSE fleet includes low hour equipment that has been gone through with a fine-tooth comb. Since most of our fleet is newer it is very unlikely that the engines that are in our equipment will not meet the EPA standards. Buying refurbished ground support equipment could make a lot of sense for your operation, depending on your situation. A key reason to purchase used ground support equipment is that you won’t need to spend as much as if you bought new pieces. Another good reason why you might want to consider used or refurbished units is if your needs are projected to be short-term. Purchasing pre-owned equipment means you won’t need to make a large investment for a relatively short period of use. Many GSE companies offer used baggage tractors, belt loaders, pushbacks, and air starts but did they perform all the maintenance checks and complete all of the necessary repairs? These are questions that you must ask when you are purchasing any used GSE. Our staff of trained GSE technicians thoroughly check of every piece of equipment and ensure that all preventative maintenance has been performed on each unit in our used GSE fleet.

What about zero-time tugs?

If you have been in the ground support industry for a while you may have heard of zero-time tugs. This term generally means that the powertrain of a used piece of GSE has been replaced with a new engine and transmission. However, not every zero time is created equal. Make sure that you ask exactly what parts of the GSE have been replaced before purchasing. This is important as zero-time tugs generally are more expensive than used but just less than new.

Electric tugs

If you are interested in electric in an electric tug than you have come to the right place. Xcēd offers electric equipment as well as internal combustion. Many airlines and ground handlers are starting to move towards electrifying their fleets and we are there to support them by offering the same leases and rentals as we do on internal combustion GSE.

The different types of GSE

There are different types and kinds of GSE and Xcēd offers many options. We have relationships with all the GSE manufacturers, and we purchase and stock many of their make and models. You can view our inventory of GSE on our website and request quotes directly. Not every piece of airport equipment is called an aircraft tug though you wouldn't know that from speaking to someone at an airport. Many of the operators call every piece equipment an aircraft tug even though it might be called a pushback tractor. A pushback tractor is a large tractor that pushes the aircraft away from the gate. Another piece of equipment that an operator may call a tug is the baggage conveyor belt loader that we in the industry refer to as just a belt loader. Belt loaders are drive-able conveyor belts that help the operators load the bags into the belly of the airplane. Does Xcēd have tugs for sale? A tug is generally referred to the industry as a baggage tractor. There is probably more baggage tractors at an airport than any other type of vehicle which is why you so often hear the term aircraft tug. And yes, Xcēd does offer aircraft tug for sale just make sure that you look at our baggage tractor inventory rather than looking for an aircraft tug for sale.

All of our Ground Support Equipment is available for lease, rent, or purchase

An airport needs more than planes to serve travelers. Just as essential is the machinery used on the runways and tarmac. These vital pieces of ground support equipment, or GSE, include baggage carts, cargo loaders, pushbacks and aircraft stairs. Xcēd has a large assortment of new, refurbished and used ground support equipment for sale to help airlines, airports and ground handlers do their jobs. Our selection of GSE for sale can provide with them with the quality and reliability they need at a price they can easily afford. Are you in the market for used or refurbished GSE? Our inventory of ground support equipment for sale is always being updated, so check back if you can’t immediately find what you need.

Experience the Xcēd Difference for Yourself

Xcēd offers a wide-range of services including GSE rentalsGSE leasing, and GSE sales. If you are looking for a super tug, aircraft tug, pushback tractor, or an aircraft tug for sale you have come to the right place. We offer all kinds of GSE airport equipment. We have an exhaustive collection of high-quality units from some of the biggest and most respected names in the industry. When you choose to source your ground support equipment from us, you’ll receive much more than just the machinery you need to handle your operations. You’ll also gain the benefit of our highly knowledgeable and experienced workforce. Our technicians know more about this machinery than practically anyone. Whenever questions or issues arise regarding the equipment you buy, rent or lease from Xcēd, we have the expertise to deal with them. Unlike other companies, we only deal in GSE, so we have a complete understanding of the equipment and your needs. If you’re ready to find out what makes Xcēd unique in the marketplace, take a look through our selection of available units. Once you find what you’re looking for, reach out to us to request a quote.


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